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Do not underestimate how much damage can termites do to your house. Termites not only will destroy your furniture but even your walls and wood can also be destructed acutely. Therefore, precautionaries have to be taken prudently. Our termite control Selangor is also available in Kuala Lumpur (KL) to provide effective treatments for your home and properties.

Our Termite Control Services

We do not do regular treatment but we aim to search for the root causes of the problems and provide a better solution and cure. We have got you covered from the process of termite inspection to extermination.

Termite inspection

Termite Examination

Our team will begin the termite examination by inspecting the root causes of the issue. We will examine where it all started especially the hidden places which are the favourite place of termites. This process will go for an hour or so depends on the area.

Termite reduction

Termite Control & Reduction

Our termite control Selangor & KL offers a long-lasting effect of termite reduction. We have advanced and updated tools to prevent termites from entering your houses and rooms. As a termite control company, we recommended you to start as earlier as possible.

Mosquitoes Inspection

Termite Elimination

There are a variety of ways to do termite extermination. These include applying liquid termiticide and baiting treatment, whether it is pre-construction or post-construction treatment. Our team has the knowledge and skills to perform termite treatments comprehensively.

Termites Extermination

Termite Control Treatment

We recommend taking termite precautions early and prudently. Therefore, performing control measures before your renovation is ideal. We offer termite treatment ranging from conventional drilling to termite monitoring and baiting. Do not worry if your premises have not taken any protection previously, because prevention and cure can still be executed now. Get in touch with Nova Pest Solution to see what we can offer you.

Termite Baiting

I am happy with the termite control service received from Nova Pest Solution and engaged them as my long-term termite control company. The team is so professional and friendly, plus they perform the service pretty quickly. Now I do not have to worry about termite issues anymore!


Nova Pest Solution gave us a solution to our termite problem that we have suffered for more than 5 years. We are happy and very positive about their services. I highly recommend people who want to have any pest control to use their service.


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