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Sanitation & Disinfection

Sanitation and disinfection is an utter need of the hour especially in this post covid era. We are providing satisfactory sanitary service in Malaysia using all the advanced methods and tools following all the measures suggested by WHO and local health authorities of Malaysia. 

Our Sanitation Services in Malaysia

Our sanitation service in Malaysia does not just rely on regular cleaning or dusting but we make sure that you live and work in the safest, clean and germ-free environment.

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Residential Sanitizing Service

We provide all kinds of cleanings, sanitation and sterilization services for your home to make sure that you won’t have to face any viral disease or any germ infection. We know that sanitation and hygiene is the basic need for everyone so we do it as a social responsibility charging an affordable price for it. We have smart tools and an experienced team that won’t take too long to clean your residential area.

Office Sanitizing

Office Sanitizing Service

We make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize your workplaces no matter how complicated the cubicles are. After providing office sanitizing services for so many years, our experts are well known for all the hidden corners that may contain any germs or infections.  We take care of time as well as sanitation so we always provide the experienced staff with the latest equipment to do the job fast.

Commercial Sanitizing

Commercial Sanitizing Service

If you are running a commercial super store or a shop whose business cannot be closed or paused for regular sanitizing, we are here to provide our reliable yet comfortable commercial sanitizing service in Malaysia. We provide one time, weekly and monthly sanitation packages at an affordable price. We assure the effectiveness and longevity of our sanitation and disinfection services.

Sanitation Service Malaysia

Reliable Disinfection Service

Nova Pest Solution is arguably the best sanitation company Malaysia due to its versatile methods of sanitation & disinfection. Over the years, we have been providing the best sanitation service in Malaysia by adding the experienced staff and the latest technology. We are among the only a few licensed sanitation company Malaysia that actually provide sanitation services for all – home sanitary, office sanitary, corporate sanitary, kitchen and washroom disinfection and other pest control services as well. If you are keen to know all about our sanitary service in Malaysia, you can send us your queries anytime.

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