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Rats & rodents control is a very important yet very hectic task because they are too hard to be caught. Rats are very dangerous species, not in a physical sense but they are very dangerous to your food due to their serious contaminated saliva and they just love to ruin your clothes, furniture and other things with their sharp teeth. You definitely need to hire a rat control company if you are under the rat or rodent attack because only professional rat control services may get rid of them and sterilize your place professionally to make you safe from any deadly viral infection.

Our Rat & Rodent Control Service

Nova Pest Solution is known for all kinds of pest control services including the professional rat control services that include the following services.

Rodent Inspection

Rat & Rodent Inspection

Our experienced professionals will determine the infestation by examinating it from odour, droppings and smear marks. After the diagnose process, our team will be able to provide you with the best solution that caters to your scenario.

Rat Extermination

Rat & Rodent Extermination

Being the capable rat control company in Malaysia, we provide the smartest rats & rodents extermination service. Our trained staff knows all the traps to eradicate the rats & rodents and if there are many in numbers, they also know how to get rid of them using alternative methods in further.

Rat & Rodent Prevention

Rat & Rodent Prevention

Prevention is better than cure – the most suited phrase for the rat & rodent attack. Nova Pest Solution provides you with the best proofing and exclusion techniques in our rat control services so it will cut down the chances of facing the troublesome rodent attack in the future.

Rat & Rodent Extermination

Extermination Experts

Following are our traditional, vintage and advanced techniques or baits to control, prevent and trap the stubborn rats.

  • Rat baits
  • Rat paste
  • Mechanical traps
  • Rat Odor Control Block
Paste Treatment

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