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Mosquito control Malaysia is more than just burning a foil. Don’t let that tiny species ruin your comfort and the soft skin of your children with their itchy bites. Get rid of the annoying mosquitoes with the help of our mosquito control service in Malaysia. We have been providing mosquito control services in Malaysia for years under the supervision of experienced staff and certified technicians that use advanced integrated mosquito management to get rid of mosquitoes consistently.

Our Mosquito Control Method In Malaysia

With the help of integrated mosquito management, we follow a complete mosquito control roadmap that has multiple phases to get rid of the annoying mosquitoes. Our integrated mosquito management has the following important phases.

Mosquitoes Inspection

Mosquito Inspection

Inspection is the first step in mosquito control in order for our team to investigate the source of mosquito breeding and also the root cause of mosquito infestation.

Mosquitoes Inspection

Mosquito Destruction

Our mosquito control company also destroys all the existing mosquitoes and possible sources of mosquitoes via fogging and larviciding to restrict further mosquito infestations.

Mosquitoes Inspection

Mosquito Restriction

Exclusion is the last and final step in mosquito control. It is a quick procedure to get rid of any of the future mosquitoes to come into the house. We will provide our advice on the sealing of the possible entry points.

Mosquito Extermination

Mosquito Control Company In Malaysia

Nova Pest Solution is among only a few qualified companies in Malaysia that actually take care of inspection, treatment and exclusion of all the mosquitoes to provide full mosquitoes control services in Malaysia, so if you have any query related to mosquito control Malaysia, just ask us.

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Don’t be stressed or freaked out by this tiny creature, let the professionals take over and we will fight this war for you by eliminating all the irritating mosquitoes in your house.