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Get the best fogging services in Malaysia by hiring the experts of Nova Pest Solution. We know all the pros and cons of fogging at specific times and specific weather conditions to give you the most optimized results every time. We provide the most trusted and reliable fogging services Malaysia because we have been doing this for many years. We know each and every aspect of fogging, its purposes, its effects and all the considerations that make the fogging most effective in exterminating the mosquitoes and other pests. That’s why; we can help you protect our precious gardens, patios, rest rooms and other valuable living areas by repelling all kinds of pests, especially the mosquitoes and flies.

Fogging is not just a pest repellant thing but it is a very cautious job after picking all the safety and precautionary measures about weather, uniform and the daytime to get the best results. Otherwise, even fogging cannot exterminate the stubborn mosquitoes or flies.

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When you contact the Nova Pest Solution asking for our fogging services Malaysia, that’s how it goes.

1. Firstly, we know your personal details and the location.
2. We discuss picking the most suitable day after checking your routine and the weather forecast of course.
3. On the fogging day, we double-check the weather condition considering the wind, moisture and the overall temperature. If it’s calm and clear weather, we come to your location with proper kits and certified operators and licensed instruments to protect everyone.
4. We use the itchy smoky chemicals to exterminate the mosquitoes and later we use thermal fogging to kill their leftover breeding in that area, so there would be no more pest attack for a while.

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If you are facing any kind of pest attack especially mosquito or flies attack, do not hesitate to contact our specialists. They will take over your problems.