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Don’t let flies contaminate your food or make a bad impression about your business and overall bad hygiene habits. Get the best flies control service by hiring Nova Pest Solution. We have been providing the best pest control service in Malaysia for years. Nova Pest Solution deals with all types of flies e.g. houseflies, fruit flies, drain flies and etc. Our integrated and optimized services include identifying and locating all the breeding sites of the flies along with their access points. After locating the spots, our exterminators use advanced authentic mechanical and chemical tactics to get rid of them while keeping the environment clean and safe.

Don’t underestimate the flies’ attack because they are among the most vulnerable carriers of the viruses as they sit on many contaminated, infected and polluted areas and transfer the viruses and infections to others (neither human nor animal). Despite the health risks, flies can also damage your business by affecting its repute and hygiene level.

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Whenever you hire us for a professional extermination service, our staff immediately report to your location and begin the following procedures.

  • To provide immediate relief in an emergency, we will apply killing spray or mist.
  • To keep them away for a short interval, we do have authorized repellent sprays or flies trap units.
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