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Seeing a cockroach in your premises can be very concerning. Because realistically, spotting a cockroach even just one is usually a sign of infestation. Cockroaches are living like company, when you see one is usually one of a dozen, hundred, or even thousand-strong colony. In Malaysia, we have been dealing with cockroach issue most of the time. Cockroach can be eliminated through residue spray, gel baiting, Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Mist or even foaming. The pesticide that we apply is can be non-oily, odorless and pet-friendly.

Do you know that a headless cockroach can still live up to maximum 7 days? A headless cockroach is not going to die because of bleeding nor unable to breathe. They will die due to no mouth and unable to consume water which then caused them dehydration. They need water more than food. Therefore, they usually favour to live in place where high moisture and easy for them to locate water source.

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Whenever you hire us for a professional cockroach control service, our team member immediately report to your location and begin the following procedures.

  •  To diagnose the root cause of your cockroach issue
  •  To provide plan of execution on what and how the plan works
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