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We are arguably the best pest management company in Malaysia providing the pest management services for years. We started this company with a mission to provide the most ergonomic solution to cope with any kind of pest attacks. Thus, we aim to provide an eco-friendly and budget friendly pest control solution in Malaysia.

Pest Management Company In Malaysia

Pest Control Services

Nova Pest Solution has always been aiming to provide a safe and secure environment in your living space, so that no pest may be able to contaminate your food or destroy your infrastructure. We cover anything that is related to pest management services ranging from pest inspection to the aftercare of the pest control services. 

Pest management company

Why Choose Us

Nova Pest Solution Services

Experience, dedication and the ergonomic pest control services that are among only a few attributes to choose us. Following are some other important core values and ways how our company aims, plan and execute the best pest controlling plan in Malaysia.

Affordable Packages

Affordable Packages

We do not only aim for business but also prior to helping others to get rid of any of the pest attacks because we really value the efforts behind everyone’s assets.

Versatile Team

Versatile Team

We have a versatile team that is licensed by the local authorities to make sure to clean your space from pests as well as make sure the quality of our pest control service.

Updated Methods & Tools

Updated Methods and Tools

Nova Pest Solution has always been updating its methods and tools to stay competitive with the continuous evolving digital era. We aim to provide services effectively.

Always Available

Always Available

Do not hesitate, we are just a single query away from you. Just get a free consultation and book your desired pest control service and let the rest be on us.

Pest management services

Pest Management Services

Certified Professionals

We are a certified pest control management company that has licensed staff to cope with any related pest attack. We have specified professionals to provide solutions for termites, cockroaches, rats, flies and mosquitoes as well. Get in touch to have a free consultation right now.

A Glance at Our Pest Management Services

Nova Pest Solution

Following are some candid clicks to show you the versatility and professionalism of Nova Pest Solution.

Residual Spray
Thermal Fogging
Corrective Treatment (Drilling)


Our Sample Accreditations
Template of Service Report
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Pest Control Operator (PCO) License


Our Sample Accreditations
Template of Service Report
PCO License - Nova Pest Solution SB