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Nova Pest Solution is the best solution for all kinds of pest attacks.

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Pest Control Services

We are aiming towards a new era of pest control using all the recent technology and the digital equipment and the certified pesticides and other advanced exterminators to get the job done without affecting the surrounding environment and the people.

Termite Control

We provide a detailed termite control package including inspection, extermination and prevention of termites by using pre-construction and post-construction methods to keep your premises safe from termite attack for years to come. We provide FREE consultation and on-site inspection.

Ant Control

We provide a range of services by using a residual spray, gel bait or even power spray to keep your living place safe from ant attacks for month(s) to come. If you ever see any of the ant infestation symptoms, quickly contact our professional team to take care of it.

Cockroach Control

We provide consultation and effective cockroach control services in Malaysia. Our crews only apply the license approved pesticide by the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia (MOA) to carry out the treatment in your premises. Our methods range from spray to mist in order to get rid of ugly and contaminated cockroaches from your washroom, kitchen to store.

Bacteria / Viruses Control

We have always been providing disinfection services to execute the hygiene and safe zone without germs and health risks. We provide the bacteria and virus free service by using disinfecting techniques, along with certified disinfectants by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to ensure a safe and germ-free environment.

Fly Control

We provide all the chemical and non-chemical techniques. Chemical control inclusive of blanket spraying, misting and fogging. Where non-chemical control inclusive of professional consultation on exclusion and proofing to assist you with a comprehensive fly control service in Malaysia.

Bed Bug / Dog Tick / Cat Flea Control

We also deal with other kinds of unwanted intruders like bed bugs, dog ticks and cat fleas. By applying the right method and pesticide, we will not let these intruders disturb your peace, comfort and health.

Mosquito Control

We provide integrated mosquito control solutions in Malaysia that only a few companies may execute to perfection. Our professionals use the available techniques to provide instant relief from mosquito attacks such as fogging (externally) and misting (internally); long term solutions like larviciding for stagnant water.

Rat Control

We provide chemical and mechanical rat control. We are using rodent baits or glue stations to carry out monitoring. Where open baiting and paste treatment to kill. For further safety, we also provide professional advice to assist you in exclusion of gateways from where the rat may entry and arrive back.

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Pest Control Professionals

Check our services page to know all our services in detail and you can also send us your query to have a free consultation and proposal regarding our short term and long term packages.

Thermal Fogging

Customized Pest Control &
Disinfection Plan

Pest Control Customization

If you need a customized pest control & disinfection plan in Malaysia, you can write to us your detailed query along with your business name or personal details.


We cover all the pest attacks for residential buildings such as high-rise buildings and landed properties.

Hypermarket & Supermarkets
Our pest control services are also viable in the storage centre of hypermarkets & supermarkets.
F&B Outlets
We also provide the short term and regular pest management service for the F&B outlets.

Our comprehensive office sanitization service aims to disinfect your workplace thoroughly, leaving behind all the bacteria and viruses.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Our expertise regarding pest management for industrial & Manufacturing is in compliance with audit standards. 

Hotel & Resorts
Don’t let the pests ruin your brand image and reputation. Get our professional for optimized pest management.

Customized Pest Control &
Disinfection Plan

Our Programme Customization

If you need a customized pest control & disinfection plan in Malaysia, you can write to us your detailed query along with your business name or personal details.


Our Clients

Look what our satisfactory clients are saying about us after getting our services related to pest management and sanitization using advanced techniques and tools. That’s why we are leading towards a new era of pest control.

Very fast and good service. called them for a serious ant problem at home and problem solved well. has been 3 months and no ants or cockroaches after.

Five Star Rating

SKY Stu***

Thank you for responding to my urgent order by next day, even as I called close to midnight. Truly professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Five Star Rating

M E **

Happy with their service.Would like to give more stars. Really reliable and trustworthy.

Five Star Rating

MALA ***

Compatible service for business facilities especially manufacturing plants. Effective in countering pest issues.

Five Star Rating

Ugen ***

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